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A device located inside the hand pump which measures functionality, handle strokes, water volume etc.
A communications system which collects the data and sends it to the cloud
A website text message that show users how well the hand pump is working and if there maybe any problems

Monitoring Device – integrated unit for easy installation

The Smart Water Sensing device provides the following information (data) to the local communities and govt departments in real time. This combination of data can be used to not only understand the usage of the hand pump but also to predict breakdown in advance

    Water Volume

    The volume of water taken from the pump in litres or jerry cans. This helps the team to monitor how much water has been consumed by the village. E.g. drinking water\hygiene. It will also informs the team when maintenance is required.

    Handle Strokes

    This alerts the team when the pump is being used but no water produced. This could indicate a low water table, particularly in the dry season, or a problem with the handpump itself such as leaking seals.

    Lateral Movement

    Lateral movement can inform how the well is being used. Vibration signatures can detect whether the hand pump is being used correctly and can also indicate when the users pumping technique may cause damage.

    Handle strokes before water flow

    This parameter allows the team to examine the performance of the pump and gives information on the water table. It could also indicate a leak in the seals or something more serious. It also allows the team to monitor the variation of the water table throughout the year. Is the water table level consistent? It may also highlight the difference in the quality of bore hole installation of each actor in the region.

    Tamper Warning

    The authorities are notified immediately of any attempt to open the well pump or tamper with the device.